Stevie felt insignificant because he was a child and thought his opinion did not matter. ​Also, he wanted to know his purpose in life, and prayed to God to show him.

About the Book:
About the Series:

To provide faith-based children’s literature that will inspire families and promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.

R.W. Young is a native of Saint Louis, Missouri. In 1995 , while working as an announcer for several local radio stations, R.W. Young created a children's bed-time radio series entitled, "Gospel Good Night™," which later developed into a book series.

Gospel Good Night™ Book Series is a compilation of faith-based children’s stories. 

About The Author:

Gospel Good Night™ Book Series are children's stories based on Christian biblical principles designed to:  help children know their purpose, promote self-esteem, and minister the word of God through Jesus Christ.

The series is designed as a catalyst to help children: improve their self-esteem, discover their purpose, fulfill their destiny and live victoriously.  Little Stevie's story has impacted both the young and old, and I invite you to explore how his life's purpose was revealed.

 ​Enjoy the Gospel which is “good news” and good night.


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